Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally, a good petition.

Just today, I found this petition.

Undergraduate Academic Student Concerns & Request Due To Strike

The petition's concerns seems to match my main points entirely! Just like I mentioned, the main focus of the strike as of now shouldn't be when it will end, but when it does, end what will happen to us students?

Below are some copypastas from the petition.

Questions, Requests and Concerns For The Table:

1. Timeline of semester thus a request for a published scenario analysis e.g. 10 week strike = winter term ending May 20; or 15 week strike = winter term ending June 10, etc.

2. *New Item: Request for more than 24 hour notice when classes resume.

3. When or can this school semester be scrapped? Will a refund be provided?

4. Financial Consideration: Winter Fee due date **Registrar already responded**

5. Request for a Special Academic Remediation Committee for international and graduating students facing undue hardship due to the strike (previous items 4,5 & 6)

6. *New Item: Request for Improved Communication on strike related issues.

7. *New Item: Request for 2 weeks of Deferred Academic Standing for students who have found full time employment during the strike

8. *New Item: Request for help in facilitating or raising funds for a financial hardship fund or food bank for students who are in need due to the strike. (Food4thought is a division of YFS and is consequently closed during the strike.)

9. *New Item: Request that Professors that are not under CUPE to contact their students at least once a week via moodle or York email accounts. Either with suggestions on what to read or what work to be doing.

10. *New Item: Request there be financial consideration for undergraduate students living in York Apartments since they are living on campus to obtain their degree.

Please everyone, sign the petition since like I said, if the school does not notice the students every time a strike happens, for us students, there is no point hoping that the strike will have an early end if this nonsense of ignoring the students will happen every time there is a strike. We as the students, the most integral part of any university, have a right to know what will be happening after every strike!


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