Friday, January 9, 2009

More on the strike

The strike has lasted two months now. Although everyone is protesting against the prolonging of it, the way I see it, it doesn't quite matter when it ends anymore. Would it really be that much better if the strike ended sooner than later? I'm not sure about that. Why? We as the students have payed for our education, therefore, purchased it just as we would purchase a product. despite this, the school has payed no attention to the student's concern over the course the strike and as a result, there has been no talk about how the student's will be affected after the strike is over. In other words, questions like:

-What will happen?
-Will we lose our first semester?
-Our school year?
-What about trying to squeeze a 3 month material into a one month time frame?
-Would the school be responsible for our inability to perform as well?

Are being addressed by the school at all. The school's only concern as of now is to combat the evil CUPE3903.

That's why, instead of demanding for a sooner strike end date, what we should be concerned about most is for the school to pay more attention to the students who float their giant boat in the first place.

The students have payed to receive their education. If the school was not able to deliver, it is their fault and responsibility. Would a factory be payed by the purchaser if they failed to deliver the ordered product even if the factory had an excuse? No, the factory would simply go out of business. Would a store last if they failed to deliver what the customer bought from them? No the store would be sued and very rightfully so. Although I'm not suggesting we should sue the university, but really, there is no excuse for them not being able deliver it. As the payee, the school's only real obligation is to deliver to us what we payed for. Not even that, the school has discussed nothing as far as how the students will have to cope after the strike. This is ridiculous.

Is it really ok to be left in the dark without even knowing what's going to happen to that education that we have paid for? Is it okay for the school to be ignoring the students who have given them money to be educated? I don't think so. Therefore, it is my most sincere hope that one day the school will be willing to address the situation in a fair and just manner expecially regarding how the students will be affected.


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