Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alright! After a long delay and numerous excuses I've made up for myself, here comes, at last my review of this amazingly designed figure. To start, I just want to say how blown away I am when I first took it out of its box and started playing around with it and to my surprise, its sculpting is more than decent and its articulation is as impressive as I've heard and saw from many Revoltech collectors.

"Gee whiz David, I'm all excited about this figure, but just what's so great about this King Gainer figure and Revoltechs in general?" you ask. First of all, dear readers, let me just start by saying that it wasn't until I bought this figure that I realize one of the biggest difference b/w gunpla and Revoltech.

Gunpla's main concern is with the accurate visual representation of an MS, whereas Revoltech's business come from their ability to bring out the spirit of a mecha.

You see, Revoltech's ingenuity isn't just in the way they sculpt a figure, but the way they place the joints. The joints are placed in a such a way that just about any reasonable pose you can think up will be perfectly represented by the figure, often so naturally that it's scary. Before we get on to the joints though, let's take at some detail shots.

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